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The first question our passengers make are about how to get from here to here , so here I will make it quick!


How can I get from the airport to my hostel?


TRANSVIP are the guys to bring from SCL airport to Santago. This is a shuttle bus , that you will share with other passengers .It’s safe and a lot more inexpensive and faster than any taxi.

An avarege rate from SCL to Santiago down town will be for about u$14  dollars on a shared, u$ 50 dollars on a executive bus.




Seems like the web page is only available in spanish , but ones your are at the airport you can make your reservation right there!


You can Also check the other guys their web page is in english , so it will be easier, prices will be pretty much the same and you can make payment with your credit card.


Go to :

How to get out of Santiago


Taking your bicycle out of Santiago , sometimes can be long a hussle! a good advise is to take you bike on a bus! oohhh yeahhh.. let me tell you that buses in Chile are NICE and a lot of time can be a better ride than a plane. Bus companies have diferent categories , this means that you can go from cheap ecomy class to Salon Cama , wish means that you can travel laying on a bed. Usually a trip from Santiago to Temuco (where you start the lake district circuit) can take about 9 hours and Santiago to Puerto Montt Can take some good 12 hours in any case you will usually travel at night.

In order to take your bike you must deal with the bus driver in low season march-november you should not have any problems taking your bike and maybe you can be charge from 10 to 20 dollars but if it´s summer time (december to february) might not be so easy to find space on the bus and you might have to send your bike as cargo so be aware and show up some time before and spect to pay a little extra.

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