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Nido´s www 2019 program

Araucania: Bike Challenge

This 7 day program will take place between Icalma, Casa Blanca, Parque Conguillio and much more.. The activity represents opportunities for students to accomplish things they never thought possible, like traveling on a real touring bicycle carrying their own gear on panniers and racks, explore the real Araucania, team up build a camp grounds, learn outdoors activities that will be useful for their future day to day activities, like learning to cook what nature gives, to fix their bike or help their mate´s on the road. Immerse in the real mapuche world and culture experience their daily life. How about learning bicycle mechanics and solving bicycle problems by yourself? This is part of the challenge.


Day 1 “Welcome day” Saturday, November 2nd The staff will pick up the student at the Temuco airport. From Temuco we will be taken by a van over to Icalma, where we will have lunch. After lunch we will build our campsite for that night and we will explain bicycle mechanics principles that will be put up in practice the next days .For this activities we will make teams , so students will work together to solve a mechanical issues and then we will rotating , so everyone gets a chance to work on each other’s bikes and also to meet the rest of the our mates. We will close day one with a Chilean asado *www objective applied: Leader and Collaboration, learning life skills


Day 2 “Cycler´s day: let’s get started” Sunday, November 3rd We will have a “desayuno de campeones” in order to prepare the kids for their touring bicycle day. After a break, we will pack up our camp and we will place everything in our bikes. We will warm up and stretch before taking our bikes and cycle from Icalma to Trancura . Ones we get to Trancura, we will build our camp at Santa Elvira, and then we will enjoy a wonderful lunch. After lunch, we well make basic adjustments on our bikes in order to make sure that everything is fine and safe. We will have dinner before we enjoy a fire camp *www objective applied: Leader and Collaboration, learning life skills


Day 3 The “Lumber day” Monday, November 4th We will have breakfast and we will pack our camp. After warming and stretching, we will ride over to our next stop Casablanca. Once we get there, we will have lunch and right after that we will set our camp. We will have the chance to see how a industrial sawmill works, the reason for this is that it´s a very important activity in this region, especially in the Melipeuco area. After a long day we will have dinner and we will have the chance to play and exchange experience of the activities that we have been doing so far. *www objective applied: Leader and Collaboration, Environmental Education


Day 4 The “Huaso day” Tuesday, November 5th The team will have the chance to make a “desayuno de campo” , pretty much we will make teams where the kids will have the chance to make pan amasado or tortilla and even milking a cow!!!. Since we are in the Araucania.. we will have the chance to have a typical mapuche lunch, in order to gain energy for our next challenge … a bike ride from Casablanca towards Parque Nacional Conguillio!!, where we will set our camp site and prepare ourselves for a “tallarinata” At night, we will share legendary “historias de campo” *www objective applied: Cultural awareness


Day 5 “Cook and share” Wednesday, November 6th We will put in practice, everything that we have learned about camping kitchen, this means that: Students will make breakfast and also some snacks for the day activities. Ones we are ready, we will set our bikes and will ride in the parque Conguillio and we will share our goodies in a camp lunch right by the Playa Linda , if the time is right and the kids want feel “alive” yes… we can have a swim in this very cold waters!! We will have the chance to trek by Sendero Sierra Nevada and ones we go back to camp, we will be ready to team up again and make dinner! *www objective applied: Leader and Collaboration


Day 6 “Long ride and last night” Thursday, November 7th After breakfast we will pack our gear and we will ride from Parque Conguillio, down to Cunco , stopping for lunch in Melipeuco, where we will visit El Museo Del Baqueano , afterwards we will get to Cunco, we will enjoy our last night at San Pablo Cabañas, where the best will receive an award for their accomplishments *www objective applied: Leader and Collaboration


Day 7 “Going back home” Friday, November 8th We will have a group breakfast, where we will sign and write each other’s agenda, after this we will sadly pack up our personal belongings and the will take you back to the Temuco airport , with the hope that you join us for next year.

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