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Our Company

The company is basically me: Carlos Carvallo, which makes it a one on one, bicycle rental.

Most of my touring bikes have been recycled from older mountain bikes wich have been upgraded to modern standards but keeping them as classic bicycles.

what ever your style is , or how big or small you are or if you prefer drop bars or size 26 or 700 wheels, we got them all !! road bikes, mountain bikes,traveling or touring bikes.

Touring Bike Rental Chile's goal is to help with your bicycle trip with a good bike , great advices and basically to make it happen.

 So what are you wating for?? come to Chile, discover Patagonia, check the fantastic landscapes at CARRETERA AUSTRAL or check out ARAUCANIA ANDINA or ride the famous PASO  PEHUENCHE or you can even ride the mysterious ISLA DE CHILOE.

We encourage you to make a self guided tour so...


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