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Touring Bikes:

  • Starting Rate: $100 per week

  • Variable Pricing: Depends on the number of days and number of people under the same reservation. Contact us for a customized quote.

  • Flexible Arrangements: We are open to negotiations and can discuss special arrangements to fit your needs.

Additional Services:

  • Cargo and Logistics: We can arrange transportation to and from various locations including Melipeuco, Puerto Montt, Coyaique, and Punta Arenas.

Contact Information:

Included with Bike Rental:

  • Helmet

  • Tools

  • Spare tubes

  • Screws

  • Cables

Additional Notes:

  • ATM Limitations: ATMs will typically dispense up to US $300 per day, so plan accordingly.

  • Panniers: Available for an additional fee.

Road Bikes:

  • Daily Rate: $30 per 24 hours

  • 3-Day Rate: $80

  • Extra Days: $15 per day beyond the block rates


  • Booking: Must be made at least two weeks in advance.

  • Equipment Delivery: Arranged beforehand; any changes will be communicated.

  • Rental Contract: Must be signed by the customer.

  • Identification: Passport or any legal photo ID required.


  • Basic mechanical tuning (gear cables, brakes, tightening racks, etc.) is necessary. If you need assistance, please ask, and we will provide guidance to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.


Our Bikes:

  • All bikes are unique; some are recycled, and others are imported to ensure high quality.

Bicycle Selection: Check our selection to choose your bike.

Information Needed for Rental:

  • Rental dates

  • Preferred pedals (platform, clipless SPD/SPD-SL or LOOK, toe cages)

  • Rider height (4’10″-7’0″)


  • You are welcome to bring your own seat or handlebars.

Contact Person:

  • Carlos: Feel free to reach out with any questions via WhatsApp at +56999424070.

For further details, please read the provided PDF or contact us directly.


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