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This is a small tour company and as so  we understand that each passenger is different and each passenger have their own ideas  and experience , so we try to set everybody up the best we can , this means that you can add me to your contacts , with any question you have .

Most customers want to ride thru the chilean and argentinian Patagonia and some people relate this to Europe  most of the time , the thing is that it can be summer , but it can rain big time , next day it can be hot , but you will also find long rides and steep hills .

So here are different facts that people ask themself :

-what is the average distance per day?

the average cyclist plans on a 50-60 km a day , so whatever you ride back home home , doesn't count here. So if you have the idea that you want to ride 120 kms a day , crossing the cordillera de los Andes mountain passes , for get about it , that won t happend.

-should I know how to fix a bicycle?

maybe not as an expert , but definitely more than just fixing a flat tire .Since roads are bad and you can have problems a very long ways until you reach the next bike shop , its important for you to learn how to adjust brakes , derailleurs , install brake pads and most import .. to figure out what can be wrong with a bike

Anyway the good news is that if you don t know how to fix a bike , we can train you for a couple of days and you be fine !!

-Am I too old?

It all depends on you ? I've had customer well over 60 years old , crossing paso San Francisco at 4.500 mts altitud and I've had young people that can bearly  ride.

-Where can I start riding? 

You can start riding just about from anywhere but Santiago. what is this ? because this is a big city , so the only way to get out of here is by a highway , but .. you are not allowed and besides you have very bad drivers. there no shoulders.

but, the good news is that there are lots of very nice bus companies that can take you with bikes (short distance from Santiago) and in the other hand , there are cargo companies that can take your bike and panniers to Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas , Coyhaique, Punta Arenas and wherever you want to, the exception would be Certain places on Carretera Austral

-So can you send my bike and equipment?


-once I'm done , can I send the bike back to you , so I don't have to go thru Santiago ??

yes, but please , box it!! 

-what if I don't find bicycle boxes ?

This is a good one ! no big deal , just take the front wheel off,take the handlebar off , put this two on a side , put some regular cardboards on the side and wrap it up with shrink wrap.

-Are your bicycles old?

jejejej , in some way yes , but they have been upgraded to new standards , by doing a complete service to each bike whenever they get back from a trip., changing parts , bearings and cables.

- Am I getting tools and spares for the trip??

yes!! you ll get extra cables , inner tubes ,patches, brake pads and spokes. You will also get  multitools ,a pump, oil and lots more..

If my bike breaks down, will you you come over and fix  it for me?

This service is intended for people with some basic bicycle knowledge, so you are expected to know how to change a flat tire , a brake cable or a broken spoke.In all this three years we had never had an issue besides a ripped tire or a couple of flats. after you return your bike , it will go for a complete service ,so chances to break down are extremely rare.

Now rare doesn´t mean imposible , so if something happens , we can arrange sending you what ever spare part you need or go to a local bike shop and we settle ones you are back (not flat tires).  

In case that you don´t know how to work on your bike, no problem ! I can train you on the basics .​​

What do I have to bring?

this is a short question with a big answer!! So I will try my best to answer it 

You can find any climate in Chile, so it’s essential to find out where you are going and at what time of year.

From Arica to La Serena, weather is usually very nice year round, during the day average 20 degree Celsius and thru the desert it can go down to minus 10 Celsius. So during the day you can where something light and warm clothes at late afternoon.

In the central region if its summer, it’s warm, average 29 Celsius during the day and it can go down to 12 Celsius at night.

From Osorno to the south anything can happen, it can be nice and warm and the all the sudden you can get heavy rains and I’m talking summer.

Avoid bring way to much clothes ¡ this a list of my personal gear that I bring

Clothes and gear for 2 to 3 week trip to Patagonia

-rain jacket and pant, bring a good quality equipment , hopefully light

-2 pairs of thik socks

-1 pair of boots

-a setoff first layer (pants and sweat shirt) you can wear them during the day and also sleep with them ones it gets cold at night . they will stink at some point but the great thing is that whe you wash them , they get dry really quick too.

- 1cycling short

-1 short or best zip-off trousers

-2 shirts technical shirts

-1 polar fleece

-1 jacket

-1 pair of sandals (essentials if you sleep at a camp ground  and have to share a shower with a hundred other dudes.

-a whool hood

-1 pair of sunglasses

-1 swimming shorts

Camping gear

-1 three season tent ( I carry a 3 people tent for two, sometimes is better to keep the most you can inside the tent)

-1 sleeping bag for minus 5 (depends on where I go)

-sleeping bag liner if travelling Patagonia

-air mattress ( make sure  its good , you don’t want to wake up with  a rock in your back)

-pots and pans , there some really nice one , its important you get a good size one , not too small (you will go hungry) not so big , except if you are travelling along someone else.

-1 stove , weather you go with a beer can stove or a very nice petrol stove , make sure you can get cartridges or the type of combustion fluid you need ( we have most of them , here)

I found out that the best thing is to make a stove from a beer can , its cheap , reliable and best of all super light . you can check on how to make one yourself checking youtube and maybe order one from aliexpress.

Carry small portions of :






-a good knife is a must

Forks,spoons etc..

-flash lights (I always forget to bring mine)

Do you rent camping equipment?

Not very frequently , but I do have :





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